by Henri Green

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An account of being weighed down by the metaphorically personified anxiety and depression


Sadie, I know you've been a good friend of mine
But Sadie, let go, please stop playing with my mind
Sadie, you know without you I'll be just fine
But you won't let go; without me you'll surely die.

So I'll stand in the queue
And rehearse
And that's just what I'll do
In my hearse
You'll leave me coughing in my coffin
Let me worry in my bed
Let me panic as I'm lowered
With the same words in my head
That you said to me

What if the worms don't like me?
(Why would the worms even like you?)
What if they eat me alive?
(They will just eat you alive)
What if they pull out all my insides
(They are gonna pull out all your insides)
And then fill me up with lies?
(And then fill you up with lies.)

What if the worms can't stand me?
(I bet the worms can't stand you.)
What if they go all Pink Floyd?
(I bet they go all Pink Floyd;)
Fix me behind a wall that's a thousand foot tall
(Fix you behind a wall that's a thousand foot tall)
With a judge that I can't avoid
(With a judge that you can't avoid)
Who's rather annoyed with me.
(Who's rather annoyed with you.)

Oh, Sadie, please go
Let me live
I don't want to die like this.

I can't get a guy, I can't get a job
(I want what's best for you)
I can't even talk to the staff in a restaurant
(That's all I'm trying to do)
I constantly feel like I'm living wrong
(What's the good in hurting you)
Like why in the hell am I singing this song
(When I'm made of you, I'm made of you)
I should be nursing you
That's what I'm supposed to do (it's so true)
Because you told me so.
You said they won't even know that I'm here.

Sadie, let go, let me live, I'll let you fly.
'Cos Sadie, you know I'm so sick
So sad
So tired with living as I.


released April 15, 2015
Written and performed by Henri Green



all rights reserved


Henri Green London, UK

Blunt and merciless singer/songwriter who rarely says what she thinks, so she sings it instead. Loudly. And with vigour.

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